Gold IRAs

perth-mint-bullion-bars-2Gold IRAs are individual retirement accounts in which the precious metal is held in custody in the interest of the account owner. This account operates the same as regular IRA accounts do. The distinction, however, is that it hold physical bullion bars or coins instead of paper assets. There are several reasons to invest in IRA backed by precious metals.

IRS-Allowed Metals and Basic Requirements

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has approved gold, silver, platinum, and palladium for a self-directed IRA. The first step of IRA investing is purchasing IRS-approved gold coins. The user, however, should ensure his or her assets meet the IRS requirements to hold the precious metals in a Gold IRA. The regulator requires investors to set up a self -directed IRA to invest in physical gold. With the setup IRA, the investor enjoys unlimited flexibility in choosing investment opportunities.

Reasons to invest in Gold IRAs

High Growth Potential

The current economic environment favors investment in the metals. Economic instability that weakens paper investments always makes investing in precious metals more gainful. Unpredictable economies lead to an increase in the value of these metals due to growing demand. The increasing request of the metals is a haven resulting in significant gains for a very long period.

The probability of the value of these resources is set to continue increasing in the coming days due to the soaring demand for gold and silver. Their supply will decrease because they are non-renewable. The law of supply and demand will increase the value of these metals, and that will make investing in these precious metals IRA to remain an ideal option for retirement planning.

Preservation of wealth

The objective of an investor planning for retirement is to lead a positive life in future as they are doing while still on duty. Precious metals offer investors the opportunity to achieve this dream. With Gold IRA, people can grow their wealth and have a peace of mind knowing that the investments can help them preserve their current lifestyle and attain their retirement objectives as planned without ending up in trouble. The investment is secure, and that takes away the fear that they risk losing their life savings to economic factors that are entirely beyond their control. But the truth is that investing in the precious metal IRA will enable him or her lead a life similar the one they live at present.

Securing Investment through Diversification

Another very strategic reason to convert a retirement into a precious metals IRA is to diversify a retirement’s savings. This investment strategy guarantees the security of the investment portfolio. It secures the portfolio from volatility and declining markets. The persistent unstable global economy has influenced most markets to be volatile and risking making the investment an essential benefit for investors. Investing in these metals is like investing like storing one’s eggs in different baskets, which results into mitigation of risks.

shutterstock_taxes-e1363135844517Tax Benefits

Gold IRAs are also well-known for providing tax benefits to investors. Individuals can accumulate wealth through their investments for many consecutive years without taxes as it falls under income investments category, which is tax deferred. These investors are only required to remit the taxes when they are ready to withdraw their investments in the form of distributions. Investors also have the right to avail of this special benefit.

Hedge against Inflationinflation-rate

The US dollar has been losing value consistently for an extended period, and there has been no sign of meaningful improvement shortly as the Fed’s has been in printing massive amounts of paper money at an alarming rate. And since gold and silver always tend to hold value above inflation, its ability to act as a hedge against inflation is highly striking. The Fed’s cannot make more of these metals like they do with paper money. So having investments in the precious metals have an inverted relationship with the dollar.


The reassurance that an investor can back up all his or her investments with the stability of gold is apparently the most outstanding benefit of investing in Gold IRAs. The investment also secures the overall investment portfolio, and since gold is a safe-haven-asset, it acts as a hedge. Investing in Gold backed IRA also helps investors to take advantage of gold price fluctuations, which allow them an opportunity to add the precious metal to his or her retirement fund whenever the price reduces. The investment option also a hedge against inflation. Before making a move to Gold IRA investment, an individual should make a comparison of the firms available and pick the most reliable one to get a possible benefit. Armed with information on the features of the individual account and its advantages and others from the company of choice, the investor should be able to make an informed decision.


What Factors Affect the Price of Gold?

According to experts, investing in gold is far better than buying actual gold. With that said, it is important for investors to learn the best times to buy and sell gold (buying when prices are low and selling when prices escalate, right before they fall). Predicting these kinds of price patterns can be difficult for beginners since many factors affect the cost of gold. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered information that will help you get started! Here are some of the most important factors affecting the price of gold.

Behavior of Major Currenciesimgres-9

Risk currencies such as Australian dollars, Euro, and Canadian dollars often fluctuate against the U.S Dollar (USD), affecting gold cost. This is mainly because all these currencies fluctuate with their values. When they depreciate the USD, there is usually a rise in cost of gold. Keeping an eye out for these changes will help you sell and buy at the right time, ensuring you get the most from your investment.

Central Bank Reserves

The central bank holds within its vaults both gold and paper currency. According to the world gold council, central banks seem to be buying more gold than they are actually selling. When this happens during high demand of gold, the price tends to rise.

Value of the U.S. Dollar

Investors from all walks of life trade gold in U.S dollars. When the U.S government has better control of the USD, keeping the price of gold at a lower rate is easier than when the USD is weaker. It is therefore important for investors to keep an eye on the U.S dollar when handling gold investments.

Global Demand for JewelrySupply-and-demand

According to a survey done back in the year 2010, over 50% of gold demand came from jewelry. India and China are some of the countries where gold is in great demand. In India, gold is used in weddings and other ceremonies and when the demand is high, the price will go up. Just like it is the case with electronics and other goods, the theory of demand and supply also affect gold price.

U.S Economy

The state of the U.S economy also affects the cost of gold both locally and in other countries. This is mainly because the U.S is also a major consumer of gold. When the U.S economy is on a downhill trend, you can expect the price of gold to rise.

Global Crisis

Global uncertainty can affect the price of gold in many different ways. This is due to the fact that most people turn to gold when they are not confident with their government’s ability to handle pending crises. For instance, the cost of gold went up when Ukraine was invaded by Russians. Military actions may also affect price, either before an invasion or right after the dust has settled. An example would be at the beginning of the Gulf War I when the prices softened due to geopolitical instability.

Interest Rates

While gold may not pay interest rates like it is the case with savings accounts and treasury bonds, gold prices reflects declines and increases in interest rates. When interest rates are high, there’s usually an increase in the number of people selling gold in order to free up some money to invest in other areas. When interest rates decrease, the price for gold usually goes high due to the lower opportunity cost of holding gold.

Quantitative Easing

Quantitative easing is a strategy employed by most central banks to increase the supply of money in a region. During this process, banks such as the Federal Reserve will flood financial institutions with money in the hopes of encouraging them to give out more loans at reduced interest rates. This in return affects gold prices due to the fact that most investors will be willing to buy more gold since there will be a lower opportunity cost. Experts recommend buying gold during quantitative easing when the prices start to go down.

Production of Gold

It is estimated that only about 2000 metric tons of gold are produced each year. This is significantly low compared to the estimated world’s gold supply. When the cost of producing gold increases, you can expect the prices to rise as the miners try to make a profit from the sale. This will in return affect global prices of this precious metal.

Gold is a great investment for those who wish to secure their finances during difficult times. While the cost of gold may move up and down, the difference won’t affect you much if you take proper precautions. Investing in gold can also be a great retirement plan, where you can expect to cash out at the right time and put the finances to proper use. All you need to do is understand the best times to buy and sell.


Gold Investing Is Worth Considering And Here Is Why


Gold investing is something you should consider doing. In fact, there are many reasons why gold is a good investment. Knowing what some of these reasons are can help you decide if you should invest in it. If you want to know what makes gold a great investment, then check out some of the reasons below.

One of the top reasons why it is a good investment is because of its liquidity. Many people consider gold’s liquidity to be unmatched. The only thing that can match its liquidity is real money, but other than that there is nothing else that can match it. Not only that, but it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can convert gold into cash. Gold is universal, and asides from real cash, nothing can match gold’s universality. If you want to invest in something that has impressive liquidity and some thing that is universal, then look no further than investing in gold.

Gold Retains Its Valuegold-investing
There are not many things you can invest in that retains its value as time goes. However, gold is not one of them because it holds onto its value. Time can go on and on, but the value of gold tends to stay the same or even increases in value. There are many economists out there that say gold’s price is not an indicator of its value, which means if its price decreases, then the value of gold won’t really change all that much. There is only so much gold out there and this plays a major reason why it retains its value even if its prices decrease. This is not the case with fiat currencies, such as the United States dollar.

Gold Is A Globally Desired Investment
Another reason why gold is a good investment is because it’s not just a desired investment in a specific region or country. It is a desired investment on a global level. Unlike other forms of investment, gold is not subjected to chaos that countries experience, such as political chaos. Treasuries, currency futures and other types of securities are not immune to this. The last thing you want is to have an investment tank because of political chaos or some unseen event. When you invest in gold, there is no need to worry about that.

Gold Serves As A Hedge Against Inflation
Gold is priced in USD, which means if the dollar’s value decreases or deteriorates, then gold will become higher in price. In other words, gold is a hedge against inflation, and when inflation becomes high, then you will be glad to have gold, if you have invested in it. This is because gold is more stable than cash, when it comes to being an investment and during times of inflation. If you want an investment that is protected from inflation, then your best bet is to invest in gold.

Gold Is Used In Products
There are so many types of products that contain gold in them. In fact, there are many electronics that have gold pieces in them and there are various types of jewelry that contains gold. As an investor, this is good news because there is a high demand for gold, and that’s due to it being used in products. This is another reason why gold prices are quite stabled. The price of gold can soar when there is more demand for it. If you own gold and the price soars due to demand, then you can sell it and make a high profit.

It Is Very Easy To Buy
Another reason why investing in gold is a good idea is because it is very easy to buy. There are companies that specialize in helping you invest in gold and they can even hold onto it for you and sell it in the future. Investing in gold is easy to do, but you will want to do business with a reputable company that has been around for a few years. Remember, as previously mentioned, when the demand for gold goes up, you can sell your gold and make a good profit.

A Good Way To Diversify
As an investor, you want to diversify your portfolio, and one of the best ways to reduce the overall risk on your investments is by including gold in your portfolio. Also, it’s worth noting that gold is known for moving inversely to the stock market, and this is why it is a good idea to add it to your investment portfolio.
Those are just a few reasons why gold is a good investment. You can never go wrong with investing in gold and not many other commodities offer you the benefits that gold offers. If you’re interested in investing, then find a reputable company today and start investing in gold today.