Movement Grows in West Africa

In late February and March 2017, the Movement for Community Led Development announced the formation of three new national chapters -- Benin, Burkina Faso and Senegal. Two member organizations -- Corps Africa and The Hunger Project (THP) -- seized high profile media opportunities to announce these  chapters. Corps Africa celebrated the completion of its first … Continue reading Movement Grows in West Africa

The role of Community Health Workers in the heart of crisis

The average length of conflict-induced displacement is 17 years, which means communities in displaced situations require support that are not just effective in the short-term but will pave a path towards resiliency for the long-term. Entering the humanitarian space, as FHI 360 does, with a robust development background can offer new insights for how to approach humanitarian problems. We are combining methods which hold the possibility of bringing sustainable solutions to traditional humanitarian delivery models that usually tackle problems with emergency in mind.

Putting Vision into Focus: Lessons on scaling up a social enterprise

Approximately 12.7 million people in Bangladesh suffer from near vision loss, a consequence of the eye’s natural aging process. Without correction, it can significantly impact a person’s productivity, with serious financial, health and social implications. Uncorrected, vision costs the global economy an estimated $227 billion in lost income-earning potential. However, there is a seemingly simple fix.

Investing in the next generation of health workers

In Krio, I was called “belly woman.” Rural Sierra Leonean communities had not seen many foreign pregnant “belly women.” Sierra Leone had been recovering from years of conflict that had broken its health system and forced health workers to flee. The 2014-2015 Ebola epidemic only served to demonstrate how this weak health system and inadequate health workforce had prevented an effective response to the epidemic, and left communities without any other basic health services.