National Chapters

The front-line of the Movement is at the national levels, and local organizations form partnerships to facilitate community-led development (CLD) at larger and larger scale, and encourage their government to adopt policies and budgets to support CLD.

Global Members include 70+ International NGOs who work in multiple countries, and who take action in support of National Chapters.

Finding your chapter? In the map above, you will see countries in green where national chapters have already been launched, and countries in orange where there are individual organizations participating in our global activities but leadership has not yet emerged that has taken a stand to organize a chapter. You’ll see the regional structure and the chapters in each region under the Chapters menu tab above.

Organizing a new chapter? This is a unique opportunity for bringing your leadership in a highly-leveraged way to achieve vitally needed collective action. We estimate that successful chapters require at least half of a full time effort by someone who has the drive and network of contacts necessary.

  • Our Manifesto outlines the five broad goals that chapters seek to achieve, and the eight categories of activities chapters typically undertake.
  • Coaching is available from our secretariat staff and regional coordinators.