COVID-19, #BlackLivesMatter, #CharitySoWhite, Decolonizing Aid… The past 18 months have witnessed a period of unprecedented disruption in international aid and philanthropy. This disruption has re-energized long-standing critiques about how these systems operate, re-affirming the role of local civil society actors as essential frontline providers of humanitarian, economic or social assistance, and as defenders of human rights.

Our sister network, the Global Fund for Community Foundations, invites everyone to a 90 minute conversation on the current state of the global ecosystem for systems change and shifting power.

Date: Wednesday 14 July
Time: 9am (New York), 2pm (London), 4pm (Nairobi), 6:30pm (Delhi)
Duration: 90 minutes
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July 28 and August 12: Youth Community Leadership!

August 12 is International Youth Day, an important opportunity to remind the world that young people provide extraordinary leadership for mobilizing communities for positive change. To prepare, global MCLD participants meeting on July 28 to hear from dynamic young leaders as well as learn the case study of our Benin chapter – an outstanding example of collective action for systems change.
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August 4: Covid-19 and Climate Change

Building resilience to all kinds of shocks is a key goal of MCLD. Community leaders have proven their vital importance to responding to Covid-19, and should be supported in achieving climate justice. In addition, these two life-changing shocks are deeply interrelated. Please join us to discuss these issues on our next Covid-19 Adaptation Zoom call.
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(Featured photo: The Hunger Project).