What we do

The Movement for Community-led Development takes strategic, collective action along eight tracks set in our Manifesto. Here is how these tracks are playing out currently during the Covid-19 era.

  1. Share and Learn: Both globally and locally, we meet as the entire membership and as working groups.
  2. Conduct a Human-Centered Systems Analysis: We are generating a 2030 strategy consistent with the localizing the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.
  3. Create a prioritized research agenda to support advocacy with evidence. Currently, the top priority is Collaborative Research using a realist methodology across hundreds of existing evaluations.
  4. Find and nurture CLD champions within government and other stakeholders. Recently, chapters have found opportunities to give collective input to national Covid-19 response and national development strategies in general in ways that #ShiftThePower to communities.
  5. Exchange visits. During Covid-19, these are happening only virtually.
  6. Form consortia for larger pilot programs. This is a huge challenge as it requires transforming how we engage with donors. Our first MCLD-generated consortium is in Zambia.
  7. Provide technical capacity support to governments and communities. This has proven particularly important as members and governments scramble to adapt to Covid-19.
  8. Improving laws, policies and programs to bring CLD to scale. We have recently teamed up with groups focusing on Accountability.