Day 2: Voice

The 11 Days for Community-led Development highlights characteristics of CLD that our collaborative research team found during their collaborative research. To hear more about their findings, register for our January 27th event, Local Means Local.

The second day of our campaign highlights Voice. To MCLD, voice is not limited to oral communication. We interpret voice as essential to communities having a say in their development. According to our collaborative research team, Voice relates to program planning, design, monitoring and implementation, evaluation, and adaptation. Having a voice means to not only be heard and acted upon in decision-making but also building confidence amongst the poor, women, minorities, anyone typically without a voice, to speak up.

Read the blog posts below to learn more about how thought-leader Cyprian Fisiy and the 3D Program for Girls and Women each interpret Voice.

Featured Photo: March 2017, Kissamey, Benin. Credit to The Hunger Project

Infographic by Sera Bulbul