Understanding the Impact of Community Led Development

By Gunjan Veda – Updated August 27 2020


Through a collaborative evidence synthesis, we seek to understand current CLD practices, and the complex relationship between CLD and various development outcomes. This expansive effort encompasses
284 evaluations spanning 50+ countries, submitted by 60 organizations.

 Coordinator of this effort, Gunjan Veda, shared some initial findings in a 15-minute presentation in July (below), and in this report in August 2020:

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Video of July 29, 2020 presentation over Zoom

Here is her slide deck – you can expand or download it by clicking on the >> at the right:

Below is a brief summary of the overall project:

Group of Advisors

A group of advisors comprising of academics and implementation experts are guiding the research to ensure that it is neutral, robust and rigorous.

Dr. Scott Guggenheim, CLD Implementation Specialist, former senior advisor to President of Afghanistan

Dr Gill Westhorp, University of Charles Darwin

Prof Elisabeth King, New York University

Prof Kent Glenzer, University of Monterey

Nazneen Kanji, formerly Director, Quality of Life Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Support Unit, Aga Khan Development Network

Jo Howard, Institute of Development Studies