Movement Matters

The Movement for Community-led Development is unique because it is not a standalone entity. As of July 2022, we have started a monthly column to share human interest stories that illustrate breakthroughs and learning moments across our membership. Every month, Sera Bulbul interviews a member of our Movement to present key elements of their work and our partnership.

  • Madhura Sawant-Suryawanshi, Outreach International

    Madhura Sawant-Suryawanshi, Outreach International

    From Theory to Action: Witnessing Community-Led Development Unfold in Kulicamp, India Movement Matters #16 – By Madhura Sawant-Suryawanshi, Field Operations Research and Advocacy Manager   In June 2023, my journey with Outreach International (OI) began with the idea that people, no matter where they are, have the inherent strength to shape their futures. When I…

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  • Béranger Tossou, Youth Service Africa (YSA)

    Béranger Tossou, Youth Service Africa (YSA)

    Béranger Tossou est un acteur du changement social au Bénin et un membre actif de l’Association nationale du MDPC Bénin.

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  • Francis Oyat Otoo – Family Harvest Foundation

    Francis Oyat Otoo – Family Harvest Foundation

    Movement Matters #14 – Francis Oyat Otoo Francis Oyat Otoo is committed to strengthening community-led development in Uganda. Working with Family Harvest Foundation, a community-based organization dedicated to providing hands-on skills, and with MCLD Uganda, Francis is inspired by the people he encounters every day. Read more to learn about Francis’ work and his reflections…

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