The Movement for Community Led Development – Ethiopia chapter initiative began in 2019.

The process started by asking ChildFund Ethiopia to to serve as a temporary co-chair with The Hunger Project – Ethiopia. Then WEEMA and Glimmer of Hope Ethiopia offices joined the rank. These initial members agreed to focus on international NGOs that operate in Ethiopia and are members of MCLD, leading to six organizations. They then agreed to nest the Movement within the influential Ethiopian Consortium of the Christian Relief and Development Association (CCRDA). This mature consortium of 400 members includes a Food Security and Environment Forum, chaired by The Hunger Project Ethiopia. The co-founders of the new Movement Chapter chose this Forum as an excellent leverage point for raising awareness about community-led development, developing additional partnerships, and getting additional input and buy-in for their 2030 Strategy for Community-led Development in Ethiopia. They also will be able to use the Consortium facilities and engagement systems for Movement activities, including outreach, engagement, and advocacy.

Update on Recent Activity: Seven members of this chapter have convened a Good Governance subgroup, and elected THP’s Teshome Shibru to lead the group. Teshome has long experience working on governance issues and sees governance as the “other side of the CLD coin.” Now this group is forming a vision of holistic governance efforts which add community mobilization and social accountability aspects to past efforts that focused on the logistics of free and fair elections.  August 3, 2020

The first MCLD Ethiopia chapter consultative meeting was conducted by six organizations in November 2019. The meeting, hosted by CCRDA, was attended by representatives from Child Fund, WEEMA, Glimmer, IIRR, CCRDA and THP-E. Following a presentation by THP-E, all attendees agreed on the importance of CLD and launching a national chapter. Participants agreed to mobilize more NGOs, particularly members of the Global movement, and conduct additional consultative meeting that facilitate the launching of the National Chapter.

The launch of the Ethiopia Chapter of the Movement has been delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

CLD Movement – Ethiopia Chapter members list

SNName of OrganizationRepresentative
1The Hunger Project EthiopiaTeshome Shibru
2Child Fund EthiopiaMohammed JemalLilly Omondi
3Glimmer of HopeNasser Hassen
4IIRRZerihun Lemma
5WEEMATeddy Belachew
6HeiferTaye Liben
7CCRDATsehay Admassu

Updated 23 June 2020