Key facts about the Malawi Chapter

The first national chapter of the Movement for Community-Led Development has been officially established in Malawi. Building on the May 2015 High-Level Panel Discussion on Localizing the SDGs (click here), The Hunger Project-Malawi, World Vision-Malawi and Heifer International-Malawi held an Alignment Session on 12 May 2016 at which 18 organizations (listed below) declared their membership and another 10 organizations are finalizing arrangements.

September 2022 Update:

Meet Sothin Sambiri Ziba, a Social Impact enthusiast who is passionate about community-led development, social innovation, and research-based policy and advocacy to action in diverse sectors
primarily, health and social entrepreneurship.

He has been driving sustainable community-led approaches to address social-economic inequalities and environmental and health development policy for the past 8 years. He has worked in areas of financial
inclusion and technology, INGO, philanthropy, health and social sciences, and academia.

Throughout his career, Sothin has been proactive in creating futuristic solutions to emerging and pressing social development issues for youth, vulnerable communities, local early-stage institutions, and
communities. There is a growing demand for streamlined social service approaches amidst rapid changes due to pandemics, globalization, and its impact on changing social dynamics that eventually
affect outcomes of sustainable development efforts.

Currently, Sothin founded a hybrid organization called Phukira, a growth catalyst addressing institutional and community readiness in emerging for-profit and non-profit markets. He uses accurate tools and
research-based resources such as the Community Led Development assessment tool, to accurately move target markets to sustainable impact

Welcome Sothin and thank you, on behalf of communities everywhere, for all you do. And for your leadership of the Chapter.

Message from outgoing chair Arthur Nkosi

Dear MCLD members,

I would like to thank all of you for your support during my tenure as the Chairperson and Lead for the Malawi MCLD Chapter. It is with great pleasure that I introduce Sothin Zibah as the incoming Malawi Lead for the Chapter. I will now be moving on to focus on the growth of CorpsAfrica as we expand into two new countries, making a total of six countries we are operating in. Please feel free to follow us on our website

Sothin has been very instrumental in the momentum we have gained as a chapter, there will be some exciting projects the Chapter will be working on that I know will be beneficial for all.

One gets out of MCLD what one puts in and I for one have enjoyed the COVID awareness campaigns we have run in the country including working with a fantastic deputy Gertrude. Please continue to stay connected with the Chapter to build on what your organizations have already started. It has been a great honor to serve.

Thank you all.

Kind regards,

Members as of 26 September 2017

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