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  • Coming to Terms: CDD, CLD, LLD and More
    Where did all the “localization” terms come from and what are the differences?  In the Movement for Community-led Development we care very much about these differences. People tend to use them sloppily, or interchangeably in ways that undermine the important distinctions they stand for. They increasingly use the broader term “Shift the Power” (#ShiftThePower) first […]

Key facts about the Malawi Chapter

The first national chapter of the Movement for Community-Led Development has been officially established in Malawi. Building on the May 2015 High-Level Panel Discussion on Localizing the SDGs (click here), The Hunger Project-Malawi, World Vision-Malawi and Heifer International-Malawi held an Alignment Session on 12 May 2016 at which 18 organizations (listed below) declared their membership and another 10 organizations are finalizing arrangements.

Update on Recent Actions: Progress has been limited by the fact that INGO members (the majority of members) were disrupted by COVID. The Malawi chapter convened several calls, and has planned COVID response activities. August 3, 2020

Members as of 26 September 2017

Updated 10 June 2020