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  • Coming to Terms: CDD, CLD, LLD and More

    Where did all the “localization” terms come from and what are the differences?  In the Movement for Community-led Development we care very much about these differences. People tend to use them sloppily, or interchangeably in ways that undermine the important distinctions they stand for. They increasingly use the broader term “Shift the Power” (#ShiftThePower) first […]

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  • Ending Hunger and CLD

    Join us Wednesday, May 25, 2022 at 10am EDT when the Movement for Community-led Development will discuss our role in ending world hunger. This call leads up to the World Hunger Day social media campaign on May 28. The Hunger Project recently conducted a comprehensive literature review on the causal links between CLD and ending […]

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  • Strengthening Capacity for CLD

    The April 2022 Monthly Call focused on a key priority for the Movement — strengthening the capacity of our national chapters and civil society in general — and how the CLD Assessment Tool can support that goal. We hear experiences from seven members in five countries: Outreach International : Cassidy Miller Global Fund for Children: […]

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  • Reflection on Webinar: Challenges to Shifting the Power

    Decorative image, woman speaking into microphone

    #ShiftThePower is becoming one of international development’s most prominent buzzwords. There is widespread consensus that currently, power is in the hands of donors and international NGOs…

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