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Current priorities

2022 Mid-Year Updates

Since our launch…

MCLD-Uganda Chapter was launched in 2017 and currently has 53 members who include Local, middle, and national civil society organizations; international NGOs, Government departments, Private sector agencies, Academia, Thought Leaders, and influencers spread across all regions of Uganda.

Chapter members meet once every quarter to steer the Movement while sharing their methodologies of integrating the CLD model in their programs and activities. Currently MCLD-U strategic priorities include:

  • Developing capacity and advocating for full adoption and integration of CLD models of work in member’s programs, government agencies and Ministries within the National Development Agenda.
  • Support and encourage member organizations to step up and lead their desired change through documentation of CLD living experiences.
  • Spearhead and conduct cross-organization sharing of ideas and content to facilitate learning, shaping and directing a way forward for communities and individuals.
  • Conduct collective development of supportive tools to further augment CLD practices.
  • Lobby and advocate for funding towards community led development programs through engagement with local, international, private sector and government donors.
  • To continuously collaborate and strengthen MCLD-Uganda Chapter while synchronizing with other African Chapters and the Global movement.
  • Promote mindset change by popularizing CLD and the National Development Plan III among communities and Civil Society agencies to enable understanding, appreciation and participation as well as policy advocacy and demand for accountability.

Updated 10 June 2020