As of July 2020, the Liberia Chapter is officially launched. The chapter in Liberia is supported by a group of truly local organizations that are dedicated to lifting it up. Regular facilitated dialogue is helping to orient all parties as to what value add they feel the chapter can add as they seek to fulfill their individual missions. The group is also participating in a joint West Africa regional effort of the Movement to build out private sector cooperation in the region.

Latest news!

  • Monthly Call: Creating our Vision for 2024
    Gunjan Veda set the tone for this call: “In 2015, MCLD started out with a dream. A dream to transform this very top down-colonial system that we are a part of… 2023 was the year when the world adopted our dream … that it has to shift towards locally led development… And 2024 for me… Read more: Monthly Call: Creating our Vision for 2024
  • Farmers Spearheading Community Led Development in Liberia
    By Ian Smith* This article was originally published by Foodtank at this link. The Movement for Community Led Development in Liberia (MCLD-Liberia) is helping farmers address challenges with home-grown solutions. Through these efforts, they are working to empower women and youth and to ensure that international development in their country is driven by communities. In… Read more: Farmers Spearheading Community Led Development in Liberia
  • Self-reliant action in Liberia
    MCLD-Liberia reports it has recently mobilized its members for a series of self-reliant community-led action projects. In these recent photos, you see the graduation from the chapter’s Home, Business and community management program, and a community action program to build walkways to deal with flooding.
  • Catch Up with the National Chapters: September 2021
    Our National Chapters have had a busy month of strengthening their internal understanding and practice of community-led development.  The Liberia Chapter hosted a knowledge sharing event to launch a Farmer’s Learning and Action Group. The attention and excitement generated demonstrated the powerful convening role that our National Chapters have; 50 farmers participated and committed themselves… Read more: Catch Up with the National Chapters: September 2021
  • MCLD-Liberia hosts Youth Day Summit!
    The MCLD Liberia Youth  Chapter on August 12, 2021 hosted the World Youth Day Summit with about fifty (50) young adult youth  under the theme: Shift the power subtopic VISION TO LEAD.

Update on Recent Actions: New chapter formed and prepared to launch with ten civil society organization members. This is a self organizing and enthusiastic group of grassroots organizations, led by community members. Their involvement in regional and global calls has already enriched the conversations, especially from the perspective of people who represent, firsthand, the lived experience of local communities in low-resource settings.  August 3, 2020

Chapter Members:

Jude Nwachukwu has been leading the effort to establish the Liberia CLD chapter through Interweave Solutions. In order to get in touch please reach out at

West Africa Regional Effort

Regional approach: Communications over the Movement’s new West Africa listserv resulting in emergence of a group comprising 13 local/regional NGOs from seven countries, convened under the umbrella of the Movement. The group met multiple times and co-created a joint response to a USAID West Africa call for innovative locally-led development efforts. With the advent of COVID USAID pushed back the due date, and the group has since pivoted to focus together on COVID response, and explore creating chapters in Liberia and Nigeria.  One participant from Sierra Leone also submitted their own proposal to convene 2000 women into cooperatives, with guidance from global members of the Movement.

This success so soon after launching the regional entity holds promise regarding the value added and the demand for such a platform. 

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Updated 20 July 2020