The Benin chapter of the Movement of Community-led Development was launched on 24 March 2017 at the Palais de Congres. This quarter was marked by two chapter gatherings in Benin involving over two dozen Civil Society Organizations, several national level stakeholders, and a meeting with Japanese Ambassador to Benin, His Excellency Kiyofumi Konishi, on January 22, 2020. 

Update September 28, 2020. Click here for details of the contributions of our chapter to the National COVID-19 Response.

Update August 3, 2020: The Benin chapter is a leader and model for all chapters. The 49 members, mostly domestic organizations, rapidly responded to COVID-19 and have been productively partnering with government to produce unique and complementary guidance to communities on how to be well during this crisis. Key to this progress has been leadership that has operationalized “co-creation” to produce powerful results. 

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Update July 10, 2020: The Covid-19 pandemic has showcased the power of the gender focused CLD Movement approach, keeping in mind the ultimate goal of accelerating the achievement of the Sustainable Development goals by building the resilience of the communities. Below are two of the informational graphics created in order to stop Covid-19.

The Benin CLD chapter has contributed to stopping Covid-19 through the organizing a meeting with the General Secretary of the Ministry of Health on May 5, 2020 in order to: 

  1. Acknowledge the government’s efforts to stop the pandemic
  2. Emphasize the need to implement a large campaign toward communities with messages to reinforce the reality of Covid-19
  3. Focus the reception of the preventive measures recommended by the government to stop Covid-19
  4. Support the distribution of cheap masks and production by communities, particularly by youth and women
  5. Endorse the adoption of lifestyle known to strengthen the immune system of the body, including good nutrition, adequate sleep, avoiding stress, and physical exercises.
  6. Expand monitoring mechanisms within the community by setting up committees to make sure that all above measures are observed.
  7. To introduce a large platform of more than 1,000 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) that are related to the Benin CLD Chapter through different affiliated networks.

The General Secretary appreciated the meeting, the planned actions, and the impressive number of the CSOs in the CLD network available to work together in responding to Covid-19. He recommended :

  1. Meeting with the Departmental Directorates of Health (DDH) who will be available to support actions on the ground, in particular from Atlantique and Littoral Departments (areas affected by Covid-19)
  2. Sharing information with the social mobilization and communication committee within the Covid-19 response teams.
  3. Sending a letter to the Minister of Health to explain our will to contribute to the campaign of awareness around Covid-19 and to build community resilience for them to take any development challenge..C. This letter to the Minister was received on May 12

Updated 25 June 2020