​Video Training Program: Mobilizing Community Assets

Description: A downloadable training program based on Building Communities from the Inside Out (1995). The program consists of six separate modules, each lasting 30 to 45 minutes. They are below in fourteen 15-minute segments. John McKnight and John Kretzmann present clear, practical ways to mobilize the capacities of local residents, the power of citizens’ associations, and the resources of local institutions to build stronger and more vibrant communities.

Quick Tip: These videos focus on story-telling and anecdotes to convey its information, which can be more interesting than reading another handbook. The multimedia content of this site is a great way to diversify the types of training materials for aspiring facilitators.

Creator: DePaul University

Link: https://resources.depaul.edu/abcd-institute/resources/Pages/training-videos-podcasts.aspx

Estimated Time: 270 minutes