USAID “Acting On The Call”

USAID has recently released their June 2016 “Acting On The Call: Ending Preventable Child And Maternal Deaths Report”. This report's main focus is to address equity in USAID’s 24 priority countries. With detailed charts and briefs of the improvements made this year, there is also a series of suggestions  in which programs can provide new … Continue reading USAID “Acting On The Call”

Gender 360 Summit Review

 June 15 marked the start of the annual  FHI Gender 360 Summit. This two-day conference provided the development and humanitarian communities a glance of the advancements and  stagnation's in the major aid receiving countries.  There were breakout groups, called Gender Lounges, for the topic “Creating and Enabling Environment to Advance Adolescent Empowerment and Leadership for … Continue reading Gender 360 Summit Review

Can Computer Geeks and Community Activists Unite?

To most, computer geeks and democratic activists may seem like an unlikely pair but the National Democratic Institute (NDITech) has turned this odd couple into a dream team.  When you think of a computer geek it reminds most people of a timid individual that handles all of the background technical needs of an organization while … Continue reading Can Computer Geeks and Community Activists Unite?