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Please join us for our next call in the Adapting CLD programming to Covid 19 on June 9. Based on your suggestions this call will focus on Livelihoods and Food and Nutrition Security. We will continue the conversation that started with MCLD’s Independent dialogue on Community-led Food Systems, particularly around Action Track 4 and 5, to answer the following questions through our speakers and breakout groups:
a) What innovations/adaptations have been coming out of communities to deal with livelihoods and food security during the pandemic (that can be adopted in the long term)?
b) What kind of longer-term adaptations are needed in our work – as donors, INGOs, local CSOs and governments- to address this heightening/ ever-present issue?Register for the call here:

Featured Photo by Abubakar Balogun on Unsplash

  • Pandemics, Environment, and Communities
    Moderators Gunjan Veda, Movement for Community-Led Development Nelly Mecklenburg, Institute for State Effectiveness Keynote Speakers David Bonnardeaux, Director of Environment, Pact  Neil Vora, Pandemic Prevention Fellow, Conservation International Janet Edmond, Senior Director for Peace and Development Partnerships, Conservation International
  • Collaborating with Governments During COVID-19
    Moderators Gunjan Veda, Movement for Community-Led Development Nelly Mecklenburg, Institute for State Effectiveness Keynote Speakers Dr. Daisy N. Owomugasho, MCLD East Africa Regional Director Samuel Mutambo, National Program Director for THP Zambia, MCLD Zambia Coordinator Tindi Sitati, Collaboration Learning and Adaptation Officer for Global Communities, Regional Secretary for AFRICOOP Consortium Introduction On August 4th, participants…
  • Livelihoods, Food Security, Nutrition, and COVID-19
    Moderators Gunjan Veda – Movement for Community-led Development, and Nelly Mecklenburg – Institute for State Effectiveness Presenters Karina Sánchez Bazán – FAO Mexico Abdon Michel Lunda – Outreach DRC Livelihoods, Food Security, and Nutrition vs. COVID-19 Continuing the dialogue that started with our Food Systems Summit Independent Dialogue (, this month’s Adapting CLD to COVID-19…
  • COVID-19 and Mental Health
    Moderators Gunjan Veda – Movement for Community-led Development, and Nelly Mecklenburg – Institute for State Effectiveness When this series first launched more than a year ago, we sought to explore the implications of COVID-19 and necessary adaptations. However, we did not know or expect the pandemic to be with us for so long and have…
  • One Year Later: A Reflection on 12 Months of the Covid-19 Pandemic and Monthly MCLD calls
    For the past year, MCLD has been holding monthly calls with partners and organizations around the world to discuss their responses to the Covid-19 pandemic. The calls have been a place for these organizations to collectively brainstorm solutions to problems they were facing and to build international solidarity during this crisis. To commemorate one year…