Youth Leaders: Catalysts for Transformation

During our first global call of 2024, the Movement for Community-led Development introduced our new Youth Task Force.

We heard about their vision of integrating youth perspectives into MCLD’s work and of using the CLD lens to transform the communities they are a part of.

The Youth Task Force’s purpose is to:

  • Integrate youth perspectives into the work of MCLD.
  • Ensure youth voices from various National Associations are represented.
  • Create a comprehensive MCLD Youth Charter.
  • Bridge the gap between MCLD and existing youth networks.
  • Avoid duplicating existing youth networks by fostering unique and meaningful engagement.
  • Ensure that youth develop an appreciation of the power, potential and promise of communities and are connected with resources to counter the colonial narratives that are dominant in the current system.

The task force’s next steps include:

  • Brainstorming key issues facing youth in their home countries and potential advocacy points for local communities.
  • Engaging with existing youth networks.
  • Arranging talks, seminars, insta-chats and other activities to promote CLD among youth networks, in colleges, etc.

Current Youth Task Force members are from MCLD Sierra Leone, Kenya, Nigeria, and US. The group aims to grow to 20 members. If you would like to learn more about the youth task force or are interested in joining you can reach out to

We also shared updates on MCLD’s exciting transition to a global network of networks. To learn more about our transformation visit the governance page of our site and MCLD founder Dr John Coonrod’s new thought piece.

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