National Associations Toolkit – 2c

Internal Elements of Your National Association

Governance: Authority and Decision-making

  • Participatory Structures
  • Inclusive
  • Gender- and age- balance
  • Inviting and positive
  • Growth opportunity for those involved
  • Risk and conflict prevention and management should be addressed
  • Various models available, e.g. consensus-based, steering committee, co-chairs, elections…

Membership guidelines: Who can join?

  • Movements often thrive from dynamism that comes from diverse participants.
  • Sometimes membership includes committing to specific kinds of involvement, or a small expense
  • Consider criteria that might help protect the Association from “bad actors.” E.g. nomination by existing members, or demonstrated commitment to the values and principles of community-led development.
  • Be prepared to explain to prospective members WHY they should join. What is the “value add”? Why is it worth their time and energy?