National Associations Toolkit – 2f

COMING TOGETHER: How will your National Association connect, cohere, and stay together?

Consider assembling the elements of a solid National Association using the movement-building model known as Collective Impact 3.0. It may seem a bit simple at first, but this proven approach is like building a strong framework for an amazing house.

The Five Elements of Collective Impact 3.0

  • Authentically Engage. Weave a lively network based on sincere connections, conversations, and creative collaboration.
  • Co-create a shared vision, one that continues to evolve. Make sure all members and newcomers understand and share the vision. Periodically enable shaping and adaptation along the way.
  • Collaborate–don’t compete. Create a space where each member (individual and organization) can develop mutually reinforcing, high leverage identities and roles and responsibilities that build on strengths. A thriving civil society is diverse and dynamic.
  • Keep questioning and learning. What’s working? What’s not? What’s creative? Reflect, capture and share emerging wisdom and the new questions to answer.
  • Develop your National Association as a Container for Change. The Association can have a strong identity, structure, and voice. This is fueled by the unique, co-created, and carefully tended shared space–the space where dreams are formed, actions are mapped, and clever adaptations deliver beautiful results.