Centre For Humanitarian Advocacy Network – Community Empowerment (CHANCE)

Advocate for Human Dignity
Address: Kambia District
Motto: ‘‘Educate to Empower’’
Contact No: +23278 771 562/+23276 344 436
Email: chancesl1974@gmail.com


Centre of Humanitarian Advocacy Network Community Empowerment is a nonprofit making, non political, non tribal and non racial. CHANCE organization was established to advocate for the marginalized women, children, other vulnerable groups and the welfare of the local communities.

The organization is working towards getting women, youth disables etc actively involved in decision making at all levels such as their role as partners in development can be maintained and respected. It’s campaigned against the harmful traditional practices i.e. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), human trafficking, child labour, teenage pregnancy, early and forceful marriage and violence for peaceful co-existence.

As a result of the eleven years brutal war that broke out in 1991 in Sierra Leone, one of the areas that suffered the internal conflict characterized by extreme cycles of psychological terror and wide scale atrocities on the civil populace, especially women and children in the rural interior parts of the country.

Women lost their husbands, children lost their parents and young people lost their focus in term of education and their empowerment for better life and future which caused them to flee to neighboring countries like Liberia and Guinea.

A survey of the population of Sierra Leone has revealed 85% of men, women youth and children still need a well planned programme of activities that will transform them from their present status which has made them very negative and unproductive. The human rights of both women and children have been made at a negative point as its has not been protected because of lack of education and sensitization. This lack, from which these people stand as ‘‘DEPRIVED’’ gave birth to the formation of CHANCE in 2004. The organization has its head office in Kambia District with staff capacity of both professionals and technicians due to some technical and financial constrains, CHANCE came to effective operations in 2004.

To educate and point out policies of human dignities and see that policies be felt in the local communities by means of improvement.
To strength the motivation in the local communities among adults and youths thereby reducing the high rate of dropouts.
To campaign for human right and gender issues at all level.
To campaign for sexual health right

To restore womanhood of women and to see them taking active leadership in their localities.
To advocate and campaign against all harmful traditional practices.
To promote leadership for children and youths in local communities

CHANCE promotes women and child right through capacity building of local structure and empowering youth, children, women etc to enhance comprehensive inclusion etc.
To promote community owned development activities

The organization has gained its legal status by registering with:
Kambia District Council
Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children Affairs
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security
Sierra Leone Association of Non Governmental Organization.
Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
National Revenue Authority

The advisory Board
The Executive Director
The Administrative and Finance Officer
Project Officer
Gender Officer
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

CHANCE envisage that it activities if supported by indigenous and foreign aid and individual donor (s) will enable the organization to create community support for women, youth and children at local and national level.
CHANCE will also address:
Support educational programmes for boys and girls.
Campaign against Female Genital Mutilation. (FGM)
Caring programmes for the aged and widows
Promote human right policies
Hiv/Aids and Health Programmes
Livelihood programmes
Capacity building for local communities (Community Owned Activities)
Promote and propagate both local, national policies on good governance

Amnesty International Maternal Health Coalition Sierra Leone
National Movement for Emancipation and Progress (Namep) Sierra Leone
Human Right Defenders Network (HRCSL)
Participant member of MCLD Sierra Leone Chapter.

Rev. Joseph B.M. Sowa
Founder & Executive Director
Chance Sierra Leone