What We Do

Members of the Movement for Community-led Development (CLD) work together to take community-led development to “transformative scale” – beyond small projects, to a level that transforms society. We’ve identified seven near-term goals at this link to move us to this goal.

  • As you’ll from our simplified theory-of-change above, in order to bring CLD everywhere it’s needed, we need “lots of mobilizers” – organizations that work together, in formal partnership with the machinery of grassroots-level government, to facilitate  communities to set their vision and priorities, build local capacity and work together to achieve them.
  • While this process is not as expensive as direct service provision, it isn’t free. Taking CLD to scale therefore requires the support and partnership of governments and their development partners.
  • This shift in policy will require lots of advocates.

This process must happen in program and donor countries. While we have started in Washington, DC to interface with INGOs, US and Multilateral agencies, we also are forming chapters in program countries.

Movement members must be (a) demonstrably legitimate international development organizations from any sector, (b) publicly committed to community-led development, and (c) willing to contribute to achieving the movement’s goals in whatever ways are appropriate. This could include:

  • Building a collective discourse on CLD, transcending in-house terminology for facilitation interventions, to reference a shared language and framework of analysis in how members describe their work on public websites, write papers and project proposals.
  • Promote the distinction of CLD, through coordinated social media campaigns.
  • Organize and participate in seminars, side-events, experience-sharing meetings that raise the profile of our collective commitment to CLD and its principles, and our approaches to facilitate it.
  • Share methodology through webinars and papers on our movement website.
  • Encourage field teams to build country-level chapters of the movement that can work with local government ministries, develop MOUs, and seek to put in place large-scale CLD programs.