World Hunger Day – May 28

What is World Hunger Day?

The Hunger Project, which serves as the secretariat for the Movement for Community-led Development, coined World Hunger Day in 2011 to celebrate sustainable solutions to hunger and poverty. This year’s theme centers around youth: youth at the intersection of climate and conflict. 

We know that community-led growth must include young voices – more than 80% of youth live in developing countries (SOFI 2021). Youth activists are powerful, and we know that amplifying their voices is one of the most essential parts of both community-led growth and a sustainable end to world hunger. The way forward is to invest in youth and elevate youth activists across communities.  

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Attend our Global Monthly Call on Ending Hunger and CLD

Learn more about the call featuring Asma Lateef of the SDG 2 Advocacy Hub. Join us on May 25 2022 at 10 am ET.