MCLD Sierra Leone’s Introduction to Community-Led Development Tools Training Report

Training Overview

In 2023, OneVillage Partners conducted a training needs assessment for all MCLD partners, and identified capacity needs each partner would need to enhance the effectiveness of their existing knowledge to use sustainable Community-led development approaches and tools in their interactions with rural communities. 

In early 2024, MCLD partners agreed that OneVillage Partners, being a leader in the implementation of Community-Led approaches in Sierra Leone to facilitate training for the group on CLD tools and approaches used in the field with communities in the east of the country. The training also serves as a platform for each MCLD partner to share with the larger group some of the tools they currently use in their respective communities during an engagement. It was agreed that through this approach, MCLD partners will share their knowledge, experience, and wisdom that will be of a benefit to all.

Download the full report by Lossie Konneh, Program Supervisor at OneVillage Partners