Day 1: Participation and Inclusion

The 11 Days for Community-led Development highlights characteristics of CLD that our collaborative research team found during their collaborative research. To hear more about their findings, register for our January 27th event, Local Means Local.

Participation and Inclusion is the theme of day 1. This theme encompasses active involvement from community members and the creation of equal opportunities. Our research team defined Participation and Inclusion in development programs as: All major development activities include a broad range of residents from all neighborhoods, people from all socio-economic groups (the very poor, poor, middle, better off), women, and minorities (i.e. LGBTQ, people with disabilities, youth).

We are excited to share three inspiring blog posts on Participation and Inclusion by the Movement for Community-led Development, The Hunger Project Mexico, and the 3D Program for and Girls and Women.

Featured Image: Odisha, India 2018 – Credits to The Hunger Project