Day 10: Collaboration

The 11 Days for Community-led Development highlights characteristics of CLD that our collaborative research team found during their collaborative research. To hear more about their findings, register for our January 27th event, Local Means Local.

Today’s theme is Collaboration. We at MCLD have embodied Collaboration over the past two years, as we engaged in a research project with 35 Program and Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning (MERL) specialists from 23 organizations. Our collaborative research team interprets Collaboration as: building horizontal and vertical solidarity within communities and amongst communities. This includes collaboration and working with sub-national governments.

In this article, Gunjan Veda reflects on the process and value of collaboration. Gunjan Veda is Senior Advisor and Coordinator of Global Collaborative Research, The Hunger Project and MCLD.

Featured Photo Credits: Outreach International