Day 11: Collective Planning and Action

Today is also Global Community Engagement Day! Register for A global virtual launch of the UN System-wide Community Engagement Guidelines on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace here.

The 11 Days for Community-led Development highlights characteristics of CLD that our collaborative research team found during their collaborative research.

Today’s theme is Collective Planning and Action. We believe in a unity of effort in all of our programming. Our collaborative research team interprets Collective Planning and Action as: The community members or groups within the community are engaged in the analysis process and discussions about the current situation and arrive at strategies and action plans to address issues –i.e. the development process is determined and driven by insiders. [This means the collective and common understanding that is needed for planning is worked up by community members and groups and used to make plans as well as strategies and allocate responsibilities to achieve these plans.

Featured Photo: Ethiopia Workshop Machakel , 2019. Credits: Johannes Odé, The Hunger Project