Day 7: Transformative Capacity

The 11 Days for Community-led Development highlights characteristics of CLD that our collaborative research team found during their collaborative research. To hear more about their findings, register for our January 27th event, Local Means Local.

Transformative Capacity is today’s theme. The idea of Transformative Capacity ties into mindset change within communities. Our collaborative research team’s description for Transformative Capacity in CLD programming is: the program strengthens the capacities of people to create a vision for themselves and to design pathways to achieve that vision. The program sets people on a journey to transforming social barriers, overcome dependency, and resignation. It is about creating a transformational mindset from clientelism and dependency to strength and vision.

Hear from Aisha Hamza on Community-led Development Organization (CLDO) Nigeria, Outreach International Philippines, and Rowlands Kaotcha on THP’s goals.

Featured Photo Credits: Outreach International