The Movement for Community-led Development (MCLD) has organized an 11-day campaign to promote global experiences and understanding of community-led development. Between January 18th (Martin Luther King Jr Day) and January 28th (Global Community Engagement Day) we will be sharing from thought-leaders, practitioners, and our movement members. Each day will focus on one of the 11 characteristics of CLD that the Movement has identified through our collaborative research effort. We will also be sharing findings from our research as a preview to our January 27th event, Local Means Local.

You can hear Sera Bulbul announce the campaign on our recent call:

As part of our 11 Days of Community-Led Development campaign, MCLD will be hosting a three-part event on Wednesday, January 27 to share the findings of our research and launch new collaboratively developed tools to assess and improve locally-led development programming. During this event, we will learn more about what organizations are doing when they say they are undertaking CLD programming and how locally-led programming differs across contexts. We will introduce an Assessment Tool that can be used for self, peer or participatory review to make our programs more “local” and community-led, and a Quality Appraisal tool to ensure that the evaluations of such programs are robust. To learn more about this event and our collaborative research, click here.