Measuring Social Capital and Social Cohesion

April 2020 Monthly Global Meeting of the Movement for Community-led Development.

This month, a team of researchers from Mercy Corps and the University of Washington presented a new tool kit to address one of the most vexing challenges in Community-led Development — how do you actually measure what matters? (Starts 11 minutes into the recording)

Britt Lake, CEO of Feedback Labs, presented resources on the importance of Listening during COVID-19. (50 minutes into the recording).

We welcomed many new members to what – in this time of lockdown – was our best attended monthly meeting yet. Chapters from around the world shared how they are addressing COVID-19 – both in communities and with policy makers – and we heard from the team launching the chapter in Nigeria . (57 minutes into the recording).

Special presentation starts at 11:00 into the recording.