New Report: Unpacking Community-led Development

Today, the Collaborative Research Team of the Movement for Community-led Development released the first phase of findings.

This report represents a collaborative study of 173 programs across 65 countries that were identified by their implementing organizations as being community-led. While there have been a few attempts to capture the impact of CLD, to the best of our knowledge, this is the first attempt at
creating a landscape of current CLD practice. Here, we do not look at the quality of CLD programming, its impact or effectiveness. Instead, we seek to understand the current nature of CLD programming. What are its defining features, how does it compare with our vision of community-led development, and how does it vary with context– socio-economic, political and programmatic?

This is a draft report, and we invite your comments and suggestions. Please email them to the research lead, Gunjan Veda at this link.