A Toolkit for Community Development Practitioners in South Africa

Description: The toolkit is a step-by-step manual for Community Development Practitioners to enable communities to engage effectively in managing their own development. It will assist Community Development Practitioners to facilitate discussions at the community level on livelihood issues, assist communities plan and implement appropriate activities to enhance and maintain their livelihoods; identify projects and/or interventions to improve their livelihoods, undertake participatory monitoring and evaluation; reflect critically on their development situation, learn from it and share their experiences. It will also facilitate the integration and coordination of the interventions of the Department of Social Development and other service providers at the community level.

Quick Tip: This toolkit focuses on community-driven progress in South Africa. While it is extremely comprehensive, the number of sections and detail can be overwhelming.

Creator: Department of Social Development: Republic of South Africa

Link: http://cdpsc.co.za/downloads/Oct%202011%20Summit/CDP_Toolkit_July_2009.pdf

Number of Pages: 128