An Orientation on the Cooperative Business Model Facilitator’s Guide

Description: The facilitator’s guide is geared towards people who are interested in organizing and facilitating Think.COOP training. It provides guidance on planning the training and facilitation techniques and also provides step-by-step descriptions of the learning activities in the Think.Coop training guide, including key messages to be shared with participants.

This guide also serves as a reference to expand on concepts and further explain topics in the Think.COOP training guide. Every group and every situation is different, so this guide cannot anticipate every problem that
facilitators may come across. It is recommended that facilitators adapt the relevant items as necessary using this guide as a reference.

Quick Tip: A comprehensive guide that sheds light on the different types of relationships that facilitators should be aware of. While the information is relatively focused on business facilitation: information can be applied to economic empowerment-related CLD initiatives.

Creator: Think.Coop


Number of Pages: 65