Facilitative Leadership

Photo by Zaini Izzuddin on Unsplash

Description: Facilitative Leadership is a three-day workshop for both new and experienced leaders, managers, facilitators and graduate students who would like to develop or improve their facilitation skills. The workshop, originally developed by Michigan State University Extension, provides hands-on learning experience through fast-paced interactive tool-building activities and practical application in small groups. It is designed to build and strengthen the skills and personal confidence necessary to lead and facilitate productive meetings.

During this retreat-style workshop, participants will practice leadership strategies using the tools, techniques and verbal skills necessary to lead group discussions, reach consensus, set outcome-based goals and use recording tools. Process tools for brainstorming, analyzing ideas, decision-making, and planning will be shared. Each participant will plan and lead a 45-minute, small group facilitation and receive broad suggestions for improvement from workshop instructors and colleagues.

Quick Tip: There is an upcoming facilitative webinar on 4/15/2021 and 4/20/2021 on leading better virtual meetings. This website seems to have a running log of events on facilitative leadership, but most of the webinars are paid (around 15 dollars per person).

Creator: Purdue University

Link: https://cdext.purdue.edu/about-us/upcoming-events/leading-better-virtual-meetings-3/