Interagency Gender-Based Violence Case Management Training: Facilitator’s Guide

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Description: This Facilitator’s Guide is intended as an accompanying document to the Interagency Gender-based Violence Case Management training modules. This document, based on the Interagency Gender-based Violence Case Management Guidelines, provides an overview of the training process and individual modules as well as some tips for good

The primary objective of the training materials is to build understanding of, and capacity in, case management for survivors of gender-based violence (GBV). In support of this, the training materials also aim to improve understanding of GBV, its causes and consequences, as well as the underpinning theoretical frameworks, and survivor-centered

Each module is designed to stand alone for topic-specific trainings; however, they are also designed to build off each
other for a full suite of trainings from Module 1 through Module 20.

Quick Tip: This training’s technical notes can provide valuable insights for facilitators. It is well-organized, as the information is sectioned off by the different difficult scenarios that one might face when dealing with gender-based violence

Creator: Gender-based Violence Information Management System (GBVIMS) Steering Committee


Number of Pages: 67