Protection Mainstreaming Training Facilitator’s Guide

Description: The target audience for the training is staff working
in all IRC sectors from assistant level upwards.
Recognizing that the level of staff capacity in IRC
varies from country to country, trainers should tailor the
materials appropriately to their audience.

A methodology focusing on practicality rather
than theory has been favored; the aim being to get
participants to ask themselves ‘what practical steps
can I take to incorporate protection principles into my
day-to-day work?’. A focus is also placed on ensuring
the active participation of trainees through the use of
group work, case studies and role plays.

Quick Tip: This source is beneficial in that it includes an example of a related-stakeholders map as well as other intuitive models that facilitators can use to map partner relationships/power dynamics.

Creator: International Rescue Committee


Number of Pages: 84