Protection, Gender and Inclusion in Emergencies Toolkit

(Note – the 2018 IFRC Facilitator Guide seems to have been replaced by this 2021 Toolkit but it is still available at a new link.)


This toolkit accompanies the IFRC Minimum standards on protection, gender and inclusions in
emergencies (2018) (“Minimum Standards”) and provides additional guidance to plan, implement
and monitor those standards during an emergency response and recovery.
This toolkit is designed to:

• compile good practices and practical tools to support PGI mainstreaming
• assist in conducting rapid PGI assessment and analysis1
• support integration of PGI questions into sectoral assessments

Quick Tip: This source includes detailed checklists on what the facilitators should focus on for maximum effectiveness. There is detailed information on gender equality and empowerment which closely aligns with the priorities of CLD facilitation.

Creator: International Federation of Red Cross


Number of Pages: 146