Strengthening the Role of Women with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action: A Facilitator’s Guide

Description: Working in partnership with regional networks of women with disabilities, the WRC has developed a Facilitator’s Guide for training, entitled Strengthening the Role of Women with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action. Designed for women leaders of organizations of persons with disabilities (DPOs), this Facilitator’s Guide helps provide training to members, colleagues and/or partners. It is intended to enhance the capacity of women with disabilities to effectively advocate on women’s and disability issues within relevant humanitarian forums at national and regional levels by:
• increasing understanding of the humanitarian system
• helping participants identify gaps and opportunities for
inclusion of women and girls with disabilities within the
humanitarian system
• developing advocacy plans to strengthen their inclusion

Quick Tip: This resource includes specific activities within well-organized themes. It also features many visual to assist the learning process: overall a great resource for this specific topic

Creator: Women’s Refugee Commission


Number of Pages: 92

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