Support Group Facilitation Training Manual

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Everyone comes to this training with different learning needs and expectations. Here are a few things that you can expect to experience, and a few you can expect not to experience in this training program.


  1. To gain basic skills in facilitating support groups. Our aim is to help you build a foundation that you can then expand on over time, with experience.
  2. To spend different amounts of time on each topic. Due to varying skill
    levels, some people may require more or less time, depending on the area.


  1. To be an expert group facilitator by the time you have finished the training.
  2. To cover specific types of issues/topics that groups discuss – i.e., the impact of caregiving, spirituality, medications, etc. Our focus is on group skills, not group issues.

Quick Tip This handbook gives examples of four training sessions with substantial detail and also includes recommendations and suggestions for smoother facilitation experiences.

Creator: AIDS Committee of Toronto

Link: file:///Users/zach/Downloads/bmjopen-2019-October-9-10–inline-supplementary-material-1.pdf

Number of Pages: 74