The Partnership Toolbox A Facilitator’s Guide to Partnership Dialogue

Description: This manual is a guide to facilitating constructive discussion and dialogue with partners. It is based on the idea that partnership is a process and an ongoing journey. Rather than a set of
tools to apply to partners, this manual lays out a process for CRS and partners to jointly explore the challenges they face. It contains sessions that are intended to be creative, forward thinking, honest and fun and help guide you through a process of tackling some of the possibilities and
challenges of partnership. It gives suggestions for participatory designs that for use in any workshop context and ideas for using the sessions in a variety of applications. Facilitation notes, handouts and flip chart content are included with each session design.

Quick Tip: This handbook provides novel ways to think about problem-solving, also known as “possibility thinking”. It also emphasizes the importance of correct mindsets for facilitators with specific information about Appreciative Inquiry- the proposed method for inducing positive change.

Creator: CRS


Number of Pages: 107