Trade Facilitation Implementation Guide

Description: If you are implementing trade-facilitation reform, whether you come from the public or private sector, the Guide will help you identify, examine and select available solutions and possible paths for your policy objectives. It does so by introducing trade facilitation and its benefits, and the main steps that need to be taken to put it into place. It presents a variety of concepts, standards and recommendations that can simplify trade throughout the international supply chain, and sets out implementation approaches and methodologies. The available instruments for applying the
facilitation measures under discussion at the World Trade Organization are also introduced.

Quick Tip: A helpful resource for the policy makers and managers involved in the conceptualization and implementation of trade facilitation programmes and measures. However, this handbook may not be as useful for those working outside of this sector. There are better resources for standard or more general facilitation.

Creator: United Nations Economic Commission for Europe


Number of Pages: 45