One Year Later: A Reflection on 12 Months of the Covid-19 Pandemic and Monthly MCLD calls

For the past year, MCLD has been holding monthly calls with partners and organizations around the world to discuss their responses to the Covid-19 pandemic. The calls have been a place for these organizations to collectively brainstorm solutions to problems they were facing and to build international solidarity during this crisis.

To commemorate one year of the pandemic and the MCLD-COVID calls, Charlie Estes conducted interviews with those who have been consistent attendees of and participants in the discussions to gather reflections on the state of their work and communities during COVID-19 and how the calls have impacted them.

Click on a location on the map below to hear from one of our regular attendees

Elene Cloete, Outreach International Guillermo Sardi, Mi Convive Kate Laursen, One Village Partners Arthur Nkosi, CorpsAfrica/Malawi Edwin M John, Neighborhood Community Networks Cassidy Miller, Outreach International Diana Delgadillo, THP Mexico Annette Scarpitta, FOPAC Gertrude Ng'oma, THP Malawi


  • Cassidy Miller, Outreach International – Hawaii, US
  • Guillermo Sardi, Mi Convive – Venezuela
  • Arthur Nkosi, CorpsAfrica – Malawi
  • Kate Laursen, One Village Partners – Sierra Leone
  • Edwin M John, Neighborhood Community Networks – India
  • Elene Cloete, Outreach International – Kansas, US
  • Diana Delgadillo, THP Mexico – Mexico
  • Annette Scarpitta, Congo Federation of Smallholder Farm Organizations (FOPAC) – Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Gertrude Ng’oma, THP Malawi – Malawi