Raising Local Resources

On our April 2021 Global Call, our members discussed the challenge of decolonizing aid by meeting core expenses via mobilizing local resources. Our special guests for the call were

  • Eshban Kwesiga of the Global Fund for Community Foundations based in Uganda, shared his own story growing up in a community with no access to government or INGO services as an example to illustrate the “big picture” of Community Philanthropy as a key component of the development ecosystem.
  • Esther Meester, Program Manager at Wilde Ganzen Foundation and co-ordinator of the Giving for Change Alliance, based in the Netherlands. The Giving for Change Alliance provides coaching, training and offers free online programs.
  • Rachel Smith,CEO of Global Giving in the UK described how thousands of community-based organizations are able to build networks of relationships and funders via the Global Giving online platform. Those interested can visit www.globalgiving.org/accelerator

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