MCLD-Liberia hosts Youth Day Summit!

The MCLD Liberia Youth  Chapter on August 12, 2021 hosted the World Youth Day Summit with about fifty (50) young adult youth  under the theme: Shift the power subtopic VISION TO LEAD. Under the auspice, and implementation of -Women of Difference Initiative(Mrs Naomi. N Jetoh. Chairperson Women Wing MCLD ) / Bishop A.R.Willis Academy of Advance Excellence (Mr Abraham Jabbah Jr Youth Leader  MCLD / Mr Jack J. Garr Youth Mobilization Coordinator MCLD).Facilitated by Mr Julius J. Togba, Co – Chair MCLD Liberia Chapter ( FADCA Liberia ). The theme  was througly  spelled out the role of the youth and the Vision -Shift the Power to Youth for a substantial leadership role. Our facilitator administer to us the three types of vision 1: Hindsight 2: insight 3: foresight. Due to the heavy down pool of rain not all invited youth attended the summit which end up with a very big thanks to officiators for devoting their time to designed this event as the participants youth had their noise masks printed under the MCLD Liberia Chapter and light refreshment  was offered.We hope and planing the next world youth day will be great. We have some attached link to view the video.Thank for your advice, cooperation and support.