Implementing CLD in Makueni County Kenya

August 26, 2021: Makueni County is a leader in citizen engagement in governance. Their governor was the keynote in the launch of the Kenya Chapter in 2019. Here, Mrs. Zipporah (“Zippy”) Wambua, Director of Public Participation and Citizen Engagement, presents their experience in Community-led Development.

One response to “Implementing CLD in Makueni County Kenya”

  1. This presentation on Makueni County CLD Processes was very useful in that:
    a) it provided a solid background on how Makueni County built its CLD based on policy, process, and mechanisms that are systematically linked
    b) it provided an exposure on how other counties can engineer their processes in relevant and locally applicable way
    c) It provided documented evidence on the build up of the on-going CLD leadership procedures in Makueni County
    d) it opened up to windows that illuminate on what worked and what did not actually work.
    e) it opened the door for informed enquiry on how CLD is working at a defined locality, such that it is possible now to as more informed questions such as the following:
    * With the introduction of CLD at the community level, how has that benefited and with what outcomes to PWD, youth and particularly out of school girls, and the most vulnerable households (elderly, poorest (landless and resource-poor single-headed ) etc?
    * How has CLD at community level impacted access to access to sources of incomes among youth?
    *What key lessons are available on how not to do certain steps, aspects, and how not to us certain approaches methods to enhance the shift of power to communities?

    Based on this presentation one can begin to look into aspects that would build quality in supporting CLD and community processes thereof.

    *What are the relevant quality attributes to build on for effective CLD processes at the community level?

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