Localizing Livelihoods: Our Best Chance in the War on Poverty

Based on MCLD’s sector dialogue on Livelihoods, Research and Advocacy Intern Benjamin Goldberg prepared a position paper to further present the arguments for a community-led approach to livelihoods and SDG 1.

Excerpt from Ben’s paper:

Thus far, global and indeed national development efforts have been dominated by a top-down approach that imposes policies framed by donor governments or institutions. However, decades of this top-down development have not helped us in our pursuit of sustainable livelihoods. A new solution is clearly needed. One proposed solution has been community-led development: a decentralized approach that shifts the power of framing development policies from external forces to local stakeholders and communities. Through this devolution of power, community-led development advocates hope to provide those most adversely affected by poverty with the means and space to reclaim control over their development. This approach certainly has its challenges, but when implemented properly, it is a highly effective method of improving livelihoods economically, socially, and psychologically.

Download this position paper by Benjamin Goldberg, Research and Advocacy Intern, Movement for Community-led Development (MCLD) with feedback from Dr. Laté Lawson-Lartego (DBA), Interim Co-Vice President, Global Program, Oxfam America, Dr. Stephen Commins, UCLA, Silvya Kananu, Irex, Adesuwa Ifedi, Heifer International, Eric Muñoz, Oxfam, and Anna Kovasna, GEN.