Opinion: As USAID adjusts, make sure local means local

By John Coonrod, Gunjan Veda

Published to Devex on 24 January 2022

Featured Photo: USAID LCD Policy Cover Page.

On December, weeks after USAID Administrator Samantha Power announced her new vision for global development, the U.S. Agency for International Development released its new draft policy on Local Capacity Development. This policy represents a major mindset shift in how USAID plans to help strengthen local capacity for achieving local goals.

It’s a welcome effort, but much has to be done to ensure the policy translates into meaningful change. After USAID released its policy, the Movement for Community-led Development, or MCLD, a global network of 75 international NGOs and 1,500 community-based organizations, hosted a consultation on it.

Participants from organizations of all sizes in more than 35 countries largely approved of the direction of the policy, particularly the recognition of existing local capacities, and the shift away from traditional short-term capacity “building” programs. But many had concerns about USAID’s ability to make this profound shift in mindset.

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