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Today, MCLD hosted our Side Event for the UN Commission on Social Development on Financing Community-led Action for Inclusive, Resilient Post-Covid-19 Recovery.

Resilience is inherently a community-level attribute as community leaders are always the first responders to any shock. Yet, many local governments in low-income countries and community-based organizations lack any reliable source for core funding. Meeting this challenge requires an entire ecosystem of funding, including devolution of national budgets, pool funds from donors, local taxation, and community philanthropy.

We heard from an expert panel on both the challenges and emerging opportunities for ensuring that local communities are able to mobilize the resources they need in order to “build back better” post-Covid-19.


Amita Gill
Core Government Functions and Local Government, UNDP

Zipporah Wambua
Director of Citizen Engagement and Participation, Makueni County, Kenya

Jamie Boex

Managing Director, Local Public Sector Alliance

Jenny Hodgson

Director, Global Fund for Community Foundations

Arjun Tasker

New Parnership Initiative Portfolio Manager, USAID

Lansana Kondeh

Lead Head, Mansofinia Agric Farmers’ Organisation (MAFO) and MCLD Sierra Leone Member

The event also featured a video by The Hunger Project-Ghana.

Facilitators: John Coonrod and Gunjan Veda.

Event Recording

Key Takeaways Coming Soon

Featured photo: John Coonrod/THP