Pause and Reflect: The Participatory CLD Assessment Tool

In January 2021, MCLD launched the Participatory CLD Assessment Tool, and so began an unprecedented learning journey. Organizations of all types, sizes, and focuses from all over the world have used the tool in many different and creative ways. It has been adopted by CSOs and government agencies in a myriad of contexts and in multiple languages. Thank you for helping us strengthen the practice of CLD.

The Collaborative Research Team has said from the outset that this is a living tool. Feedback from along the way has helped us to make the tool more accessible and effective. On July 20, we held a Pause and Reflect session on the tool, where tool users and those interested in it came together to celebrate what we have achieved and document and implement the lessons we are learning.

Participants heard from Pascal Djohossou (THP and MCLD Benin) and Sylvia Hernandez (THP Mexico) about their experiences and learnings as well as a panel with Elene Cloete (Outreach International), Sothin Ziba (MCLD Malawi/Phukira), and Gunjan Veda (MCLD/The Hunger Project) – moderated by Nelly Mecklenburg (Institute for State Effectiveness).


Slide Deck

Featured Photo Credit: Maria, Pascuala, and Manuela from Tentik, Macvilho and Bayalemho, The Hunger Project-Mexico