NEW COURSE: Domestic Resource Mobilization Course In Partnership with the Change the Game Academy 

In response to demand from our chapter members, as reflected in our Umbrella Strategy, we hope you will join us in this exclusive new course, led by the Change the Game Academy, a practical, experienced group that offers so much, and in so many languages to boot. We will be honored to learn from our course leader, Sharon Olang, who will be working with us from Kenya. See the information below and sign up to be on the mailing list. The course began on AUGUST 30th.

Find out more about Change the Game Academy and the course below:

Interested? Click here, and share your name and contact info, with no obligation. We’ll send more information and an invitation to the first class so you can try it out! 

Special thanks to The Hunger Project and the MCLD Global Secretariat for sponsoring this course, so we can offer it free of charge.

More on the National Chapters Umbrella Strategy:

 In this strategy, our Chapters and our members are asking to connect with peers from around the world, for responsive and tailored capacity development opportunities, for recognition, and resource generation skills. It’s well established that most international funding never reaches domestic civil society organizations, and competing for it distracts from true local priorities, pits local groups against each other, and consumes precious time and energy.

Thus CTG–and many MLCD members–are focused on domestic resource mobilization. According to CTG, this approach “not only enhances financial sustainability but also increases community engagement, local ownership and legitimacy of organizations. Additionally, because organizations with a local support base are better positioned to hold their governments accountable, CTG also trains organizations to mobilize support from governments.” 

Cover Photo: The Hunger Project, Johannes Ode, Doutin Benin